Boat Dealers & Boat Brokers

As a boat dealer and/or broker you will be required to navigate through a variety of insurance requirements depending on the scope of your operations and the type of vessels you are selling or procuring for clients. Like any business yours will be slightly different from the next so it is important you covered by a package that fits the unique needs of you and your company. Our team of experts will design an insurance package that is specialized and specific to your needs, with coverage options that include but are not limited to:

  • General liability for bodily injury and third party property damage
  • Dealer inventory and dealer owned stock and vessels, inclusive of new and traded crafts
  • Care, custody and control of non-owned vessels, inclusive of damage to a client’s vessel while underway (without owner present), while vessels are tied to brokers dock or while performing warranty or commissioning work
  • Errors and omissions while completing sales, tax, registration or similar documents which result in financial loss to a client
  • Protection of non-marine property such as offices, office contents, buildings and business equipment

With such a broad spectrum of exposures and an ever increasing variety and availability of insurance options, it is important that you have a policy that is uniquely formatted for your business and that protects from gaps in coverage.

For more information regarding Boat Dealer and/or Boat Brokers’ insurance and how it applies to you and your business contact us directly today.