Navis is proud of the Group Yacht Insurance programs we have developed for members of:

  • Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
  • Royal Victoria Yacht Club
  • West Vancouver Yacht Club
  • Vancouver Rowing Club
  • Eagle Harbour Yacht Club
  • GB Cruising Club of BC

Through your membership in one of the above Clubs you have access to our Group Yacht Insurance Program, which means you get more coverage for less premium. Insurance is not one of those purchases you should make based on cost alone, however, through our group programs you are using the leverage of your group to ensure you have the lowest cost available for our outstanding yacht insurance program.

We negotiated with our Underwriters to bring together the very best of our Yacht Insurance coverage and to enhance the coverage with the following key benefits for members of your group:

  • Reduced rates, which results in you paying lower premiums
  • Reduced Hull & Machinery Deductibles
  • $10,000,000 in Protection & Indemnity (marine liability) coverage
  • Higher Limits for Personal Effects

In addition to the specific benefits listed above, our Yacht Insurance program is one of the best available and some of the key coverage benefits include:

  • All Risks coverage with fewer exclusions than most policies
  • No depreciation, new for old on all partial loss claims
  • Resultant Damage from Wear & tear, and other causes
  • No Deductible for:
    • Fire originating off the vessel
    • Collision Damage whilst moored or at anchor
  • 80% Total Loss Clause – allows for your boat to be written off earlier avoiding a large repair
  • $10,000,000 in Protection & Indemnity
  • Contractual Liability in relation to moorage contacts
  • Commercial Towing & Assistance
  • Loss of Use
  • No Paint & Patch Clause, meaning we can go further to ensure a proper finish

You can also call our office directly: 604-922-8935