Ship Repairer Operations

Any Ship Repairer, whether they are a large ship yard or a mobile marine mechanic, is generally in the care, custody and control of a vessel for the purpose of repair, installations or maintenance. As such, they may become legally liable for any damage caused to the vessel or vessels they are working on. In addition, they could be liable for bodily injury or death of third parties resulting from their operations.

A Ship Repairers Legal Liability Policy provides protection against such liabilities caused by negligence. Key coverage included under this type of policy are:

  • Property damage to vessels being worked on
  • Defense costs including coverage of legal fees associated with determining negligence
  • Damage caused up to 365 days after work has been completed
  • Traveling Workman – coverage no matter where the work is being preformed
  • Detention of vessels, additional costs incurred or loss of revenue to a vessel owner as a result of further repairs needed or costs resulting from delay in Port
  • Protection & Indemnity coverage while sea-trialing vessels
  • Sudden & accidental pollution

A Ship Repairers Legal Liability Policy is an essential part of your insurance package as it protects business and personal assets while a repairer is working on non-owned vessels. This type of coverage works in tandem with your general liability and can now be combined into a one-policy solution.

For more information regarding Ship Repairers Legal Liability insurance and how it applies to you and your business contact us directly today.