Specialty Marine

There are several classes of marine insurance that are considered specialty classes. These require specific expertise and expert guidance in order to obtain correct insurance coverage, not to mention peace of mind. If you think you and your business or vessel(s) might fall into any of the below categories we urge you to contact us.

Specialty cases include:

  • Wharf operations
  • Terminal operations
  • Ship management & consulting
  • Armed marine security
  • Legal liability of charters
  • Bare boat and/or time charters
  • Salvage operations
  • Semi-submersible operations

Our team has experience insuring all of the above and more specialized and unique insurance cases. Let us create your safety net so you can confidently work on casting your other ones wider.

For more information regarding Specialty Marine insurance and to find out how we can maximize your coverage and reduce your premiums contact us directly today.