Welcome to Navis Marine Insurance Brokers, a Specialty Insurance Brokerage dedicated to providing protection and insurance coverage for the unique needs of marine related clientele.

With over 20 years of experience, we take pride in offering our clients specialized insurance packages and policies that help them protect their assets and their businesses. Our brokers have relevant experience that applies to the safeguard of you and your vessel including: building related risk management solutions, recreational watercraft insurance, complex marine operations and high-level knowledge of legal statutes including the Marine Liability Act and the Canada Shipping Act and more.

In addition to our professional experience we offer our clients personal and intimate knowledge of the industry including: experience aboard commercial vessels, race management, serving as Commodore of a yachting club, marine search and rescue, extensive experience with pleasure crafts and recreational boating and involvement in marina construction. Being personally involved in sailing, marine activity and boating gives us a critical edge in understanding our clients’ needs and ultimately protecting the assets and businesses they have worked so hard to build.

Our clients can say with confidence that their marine insurance broker understands their businesses, their passions and the technical aspects of the marine insurance industry.

For more information regarding marine related insurance and to find out how we can maximize your coverage and reduce your premiums contact us directly today.


We offer services for commercial business, manufacture, repair, boat dealers, vessels.
Offering personalize and specialized knowledge for your commercial needs.


Whether our Clients are looking to insure a small run-about, a mid-sized sailboat or a large luxury yacht, they all want the same thing; an insurance policy that provides the best coverage at the most reasonable premium.


Navis specializes in Marine Group Insurance Programs.  Yacht Clubs, Trade Associations and other groups with common marine interests. and insurable risk, can directly benefit from by leveraging their combined purchasing volume. 

About Us

Navis Marine Insurance Brokers is a division of Otto & Associates Insurance Agency.  We are an independent brokerage which allows us to always put our clients’ needs first.  Our ownership is 100% private, and we are proud to be a small business in British Columbia.

We are fortunate to deal with the majority of the major Insurance Companies in Canada and are also Coverholders at Lloyds of London.  This gives us global reach and brokering abilities comparable to major firms, yet we know our customers by name.